How can TRIO help you


Trio Has helped many students around the united states with disadvantaged backgrounds still have a bright future. Trio has been doing this since 1964.

TRIO is helping students to get to college by teaching and preparing them for what college will be like at high schools across the nation.

One thing TRIO does to try and help students prepare for college is to take them on trips to college campuses. Former member, Josh Grover, who was part of TRIO talked about a trip he attended. Grover said, “ We went over to a college and they gave us food and we learned about the college and they tried to convince us to go to that college. I think it was like Utah State. We went over there, we got Subway afterward and that about sums it up.”

English teacher Mr. Kyle Jenks teaches in the Upward Bound part of TRIO where the students get to live on the campus of ISU for six weeks they get to feel what college life is like. Jenks said, “They visit college campuses for free and they learn about the colleges and it kind of gives them a step in the door.” 

Math teacher, Mr. Jesse Rose said you can keep going on college campus visits and it can be like a whole summer visit. 

 Next, let’s talk about what trio really is. Jenks said, “TRIO is a program that is made for students that have socially economic disparity or kids who come from difficult situations and also for kids who are first-generation college-bound students. Basically what it does is it helps students succeed in high school. TRIO is multifaceted it also goes into college level and also in a military fraction as well so there are various branches of TRIO.”

TRIO meets every Wednesday in room C36.  You can join TRIO as a freshman. 

Rose also talked about the opportunity that TRIO gives. Rose said, “For high school students, it gives them opportunities to see different colleges and it gives them the opportunity to receive help getting financial aid scholarship information. The program I work for, the Upward Bound Math and Science focuses on just giving students an opportunity to live on campus while getting a little bit of a boost in education. They all focus on the student being supported.”

TRIO also helps with the opportunity to get scholarships in the name of astronaut and physicist, Ronald E. McNair.  According to the website, “The recipients of the grants, depending on the specific program, are institutions of higher education, public, and private agencies and organizations including community-based organizations with experience in serving disadvantaged youth and secondary schools.”

Trio Has helped many students around the united states with the disadvantaged background still have a bright future. Trio has been doing this since 1964.