Tighten up dress code enforcement

Hunter Merzlock, reporter

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 54 percent of schools have an enforced dress code, and 16 percent have an enforced uniform. The dress codes in our school need to be more enforced. Reasons include academic performance, attendance, and less bullying.

Dress codes here are already very lenient. We can wear a lot of inappropriate things and not get in trouble, and Highland barley looks like a school anymore. According to https://news.fresno.edu around 68 percent of schools better performed when dress codes were more enforced. As well as saying 88 percent of the parents thought the dress code reduced teasing of boys and girls. In an article found on channel 19-action news, “Draa found that overall graduation rates rose a total of 11 percent in schools that implemented a school uniform.” Although we are not saying that we should implement school uniforms, just having a more enforced dress code would make a tremendous impact.

Many believe that dress codes are not reasonable and therefore they think we should not have them. Although there are schools that are unreasonable, we believe dress codes should be reasonable but enforced. https://www.dailyamerican.com states that “some schools have dress codes that are the same for everyone,” which is exactly what is should be for our school. No matter what gender you are, there should just be one example of the restricted dress code.

There are many restrictions that should be enforced, but what should they be? Just following https://www.sd25.us, the dress codes should include anything that distracts from learning, the display of gang-related symbols, depictions, numbers that are inappropriate. As well as any obscenities, sexual slogans, or drug/alcohol slogans. Those are just basic rules of dress code, and many don’t follow them because they believe they are not reasonable.

The majority of people think that dress codes are sexist because it’s always the girls that get coded. In http://neatoday.org they have a quote from Kutzer, “A boys education can be compromised by your gender. Please do what you can to neutralize it.” Which clearly puts a burden on female students. When dress codes are implemented that statement would lessen because we would all look at least somewhat similar, and appropriate.

When we consider the ways in which dress codes should be enforced, it is clear we need to do something. The goals we have are to raise academic performance, attendance, lessen bullying, and make dress codes more reasonable for everyone. While some may argue that dress codes should stay the same, that claim fails to consider that everyone needs to be treated the same, and having men’s clothes be more lenient is not equal. That is why we believe the dress code at Highland High School should be more enforced.