Bring 4-day school week to D25


Maria Fuentes

3 kids from Ty Pearson’s 1st. hour hold our poster that says don’t be weak give us a four day school week

Maria Fuentes and Mrya Kahn

School district 25 should consider having a four day school week because it can improve the overall student attendance and it can improve how the kids function at school. According to ” Students have better attendance at school because the have an extra resting day.” The attendance will be one of biggest things that would change because the students would be able to have more sick days per tri because they would have a longer year so they can miss more days. According to” Kids wouldn’t miss as many days if there was a four-day school week because they usually skip one day per week.”

Another plus to having a four day school week is the homework.  Students would get more help with their homework because they have more time with the teachers. According to “Most of my students go home without homework because they have more help at school.” Having a four-day school week will let the kids have more study time before their tests.  So they would have better test scores and their grades would improve. According to kids will turn their assignments in on time because they would have one more day to get it in.

The only bad thing about having a four-day school week is that there would be a longer school year because the students have to go to school a certain amount of days per year. In the article titles school-time “the school days would be longer because they have to fit one more day of assignments in four days”.

For the students that play sports,  Friday would be a good day off because they have to go to school and then from school, they go to practice and then after practice they have the actual game. And if we have a four-day school week those athletes would have practice in the morning and then they have the rest of the day to rest until the game. Those athletes would play better because they wouldn’t be tired because they didn’t go to school.