HHS should offer more foreign language options

Gideon Hauser, Reporter

Highland offers Spanish as its only foreign language option.  In the current world there are over 6,500 spoken languages in total! Schools should have more foreign language classes and here’s why.

Having more options for languages is better because it increases your work chances, it’s easier for travel, two languages are boring and the classes will be less crowded. The_Conversation said the best languages to learn for these classes would be the most common, economically efficient countries, and languages easy for English speakers. Common languages would be Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. Economically efficient countries’ languages consist of Chinese, Japanese, German and Hindi (India). Languages easy for English speakers consist of Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, and Dutch.

The reason common languages are best to use is that it will increase your job chances in case you have foreign speakers as a customer/client. Yet if you are an international worker, economically efficient countries’ languages would be best because you can speak in their language and it makes your job easier.

The problem with this though is that the student need to want to learn, or they won’t absorb the knowledge. Plus it will cost the school money and hiring teachers requires not only teachers but more money and more classrooms. Why do this when the students can just do it online. Alone, where they can do it themselves and feel accomplished. So basically some feel it is a waste of money and time and classrooms.

Taking years for language is the best option. 2-3 years of language is optimal according to ThoughtCo. This amount of class gets you through the language enough to speak it, but if you go out of your way and take extra classes or 4-5 years of language you’re bound to get fluent(ish). Learning a language might cost a bit for the school, but the school should consider it because it gets the students a huge boost in getting into more yielding jobs. Plus you can do things off of school too, or in your free time. Learning languages in school probably gets you a better degree than online though. So taking 2-3 years of language will pay off, even if you didn’t become fluent yet.

Schools should have more foreign language classes because it’s better for general communication. Schools should get more Foreign Language classes because it’s better for the economy and the students. Plus Foreign Language classes will help everyone because you can understand other people.