Performing arts center needs to be updated


Kiana Grover

This is the stairs backstage at HHS. This photo helps show how bad our PAC is.

Kiana Grover and Jayden Richardson

Kiana Grover
This is the stairs backstage at HHS. This photo helps show how bad our PAC is.

Have you been backstage in our auditorium before, the stairs are horrible. There’s barely any carpet on them, the nails are coming out of the floor, the wood is starting to come up and they just look dreadful. Highland high school needs to get a new performing arts center or at least fix the many problems in the one we’ve got. The reason being there’s a lot of problems with our current one, the schools around us have better ones. If we put the money into it, we could make it nice and the performing arts can show off their talent in a good stage.

There are a lot of problems with our current performing arts center. Mckinley Spitzer, an assistant stage manager in drama, said there were problems with seating, “Some of them are in really weird spots where you have like blind spots and you cannot see the stage from those certain seats. Its set up kind of weird and the seats are kind of old.” She also told us about how there are some curtains up in weird place and the lighting is not very good. Mr. Alix Van Noy, the drama teacher, was asked if having a small stage made it harder to use and the response was, “It being really short is kind of difficult because we like to do tall sets. Every stage is going to have its challenges but I guess if it’s bigger it has more things to play with and you can do more things with it.” Also, he said that there are just a lot of problems with it.

kiana grover

Our auditorium is old compared to the other two main high schools around here. Mr. Van Noy said, ”There’s a lot of stuff in there that needs to be updated since a lot of it hasn’t been updated since the seventies when it was built.” said Century high school was built in 1999. Which was 20 years ago so Centuries auditorium is still pretty new and nice. Then Pocatello’s auditorium has had renovations recently to its auditorium so it looks a lot nicer than ours. We should fix ours so we have the same advantages other schools have with a renovated performing arts center.

Making a new performing arts center would cost a lot of money, but we could do some cool things with it. Vice-principal Mr. Steve Morton said, “What I would love, would be for them to flatten E building and build a new auditorium and then classrooms around it on two levels and you’d get designated seating for the theater.” He also said, “Your talking probably 20 million to do a project like that at least. That’s a starting figure.” It would cost a lot of money to rebuild it, but Pocatello High did renovations to their school and it was not cheap there either. Max Cohan mentioned when talking about the renovations that it was a multi-million project. If Pocatello High School was able to fix their school, we should be able to fix ours despite the costs.

The Performing Arts are really important and having a new or renovated performing arts center would be helpful. Shelley from Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College said, it helps cognitive abilities, improve communication skills, helps give people a voice and help our imagination. Yasmeena El Sabah said, “Taking risks in class and performing for an audience teaches students to trust their ideas and abilities. The confidence gained in drama applies to school, university, careers, and life in general.” Rhode school said, “Research has shown that students who engage in performing arts at least three times a week are more likely to be given recognition for academic achievements.”

All in all, a new performing arts center is needed in Highland High School because all the other schools have better ones, there are a lot of problems with our current one, we could do a lot of cool things with ours if it were better equipped and the performing arts is really important. We need to either to do a lot of improvements or get a new performing arts center in Highland.