Too much screen time for children and teens

Shelton Germain, reporter

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Children are becoming more obese and health problems are becoming more common in children. We need to start limiting screen time so this doesn’t become a bigger problem. For children, try and limit their screen time to one hour, have them use educational applications. Michael Rich said that “sometimes limiting can feel more like guilt to children.” How much screen time is too much though? Experts say that toddlers should not be having screen time at all because they can start getting signs of symptoms at a very early age. Preschoolers should have at least 1 hour a day of educational screen time. Grade school students should have at least 1 hour to 1.5 hours and teens just around 2 hours. Parents should set a good example for their children. Parents need to set limited viewing times for their children and encourage other activities like reading a book or just any physical activity. Stay involved with your children’s activity time. If you don’t start to limit with your children at an early age, they can start to develop health problems at an early age. These health problems can be obesity, sleep problems, behavior problems, violence, etc. Even though these days screens are probably one of the biggest distractions in the world, we should still be doing something else besides looking at phone screens.