Take care of our school restrooms.

Public school Bathrooms can get messy and gross, making it difficult for students to use the bathroom.


Alexis Williams

A dirty toilet in the school bathroom. the toilet was in the same condition for 3 days.

Alexis Williams, reporter

The school restrooms can get really filthy, making it harder for students to use the bathroom efficiently. A majority of the restrooms will have clogged, dirty and broken toilets, and sinks. Tons of litter and vandalism can also get on the floors, and walls, making them really messy. According to Keating in CNNs “School Bathrooms: Would you “go” there?” he has estimated that one-third of more than 900,000 public school bathrooms in the country are dirty, unhealthy or unsafe. People also find it irritating when restrooms run out of toilet paper, paper towels, or soap.

Though it may not be very likely to happen, you can still get sick in public restrooms due to tons of bacteria, and food waste. Floods can also occur with clogged toilets and sinks, causing financial issues. And if there are too many bathroom issues, students will have a hard time trying to use the bathroom, or maybe even can’t use the bathroom all day. The New York Times “ Dirty and Broken Bathrooms Make for a Long School Day” states that At Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, the bathrooms are so bad that students have been known to use the toilets at Coney Island Hospital, down the road.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do with the plumbing for now, as it will cost around $2990 for 46 hours. But this can be avoided if the toilets and sinks stay clean. There are also some other methods the situation can be treated. One method is to have a daily janitor service. If the bathrooms get cleaned, and/or sanitized for at least 3 days a week, it will help in keeping the restrooms clean. Another method is having other students commit to maintaining it clean. Whether it is done for community service, clubs, or just trying to use the restroom, it helps significantly if some people help to keep it clean.

If school restrooms stay clean, there will be fewer issues regarding clogged or dirty toilets, have better access to toilet paper, and soap, and have fewer messes. According to Australian Commercial Maintenance some benefits for having a clean restroom, are it keeps the public toilets clean and sanitary, reduces the transmission of diseases, protects the reputation of your establishment, and helps preserve the ideal condition of the elements in the bathrooms. 

Though the situation can’t be permanently fixed, if public school restrooms stay clean with the right care and treatment, everyone will have better access to the restroom with fewer issues.