TalkLife App Review


The TalkLife app is basically an app where you can anonymously post stuff about your feelings and vent about things that upset you. Also, you can post pictures, fill out your bio, text people, etc. If you don’t want to post stuff yourself you can always just comment, heart, hug, gift, support or OMG on other peoples’ posts. 

On your profile there are two little buttons that say “Here to help” and “I need help” other people can see it and can ask for advice or give advice. This app is good because it can help you vent, get good advice, find people to relate to, find people to talk to and freely say what’s on your mind.

But like all apps there are some flaws.  Some examples of this are, it can make you kind of sad, you might receive mean comments, creepy people might try to talk to you and there are lots of just plain random posts. One time on this app, there was this old guy who texted us and asked us weird questions about what we had posted, asked us how old of guys we talk to, and when we said people our age, he said what about as just friends. 

So then we said that we still only talk to people our age. He was like what about me I’m 29 and then we blocked him. Then to address the mean comments. Yes, you might get them; even though some comments build you up it’s likely you will also find comments that will break you down. For example, we were just browsing the posts at one point and went and checked the comments. In there, there was this one really mean comment where it was like cussing them out. Another time we were talking about how our best friend was moving away, and someone said to “get a new best friend.”

This is a free app. This app is similar is to vent, whisper and lyf. Whisper is like a completely anonymous app that you can post anything you want. Whisper is pretty similar but it can be a little better at being anonymous because it doesn’t ask you a whole bunch of questions like your age when you sign up for the app. 

This makes it so that you can post more freely without worrying about getting in trouble because of your age. The TalkLife app if very simple to use and you can get followers like you would on Instagram.

All in all Talklife was a pretty alright app, but it wasn’t as helpful as it could have been if it had been split into different age groups. So that you are talking to people your own age.