Mod Pizza spices up Pocatello square


The stickers of previous customers on the wall of Mod Pizza. Picture by Cadence Andrus

The Mod Pizza facility has a great family-friendly atmosphere and is accepting of everyone. The urban feel brings a unique vibe to the restaurant and a refreshing feel to our community. On one wall, pride stickers can be seen from previous customers, and there is a nice variety of seating for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday dinner or a date out to eat, Mod pizza has menu options and seating arrangements to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Mod Pizza is famously known for its make-your-own pizzas. The pizza counter has glass so that you can watch them make your pizza which gives a sense of relief. You know what they are doing to the food you are about to eat. While the line may be long when you first walk in, it moves fairly quickly so that you aren’t kept waiting.

The staff is occupied with preparing your food so they may come off as standoffish if you need to ask a question, but you know that it’s becaus

A wall of pictures to represent the Mod Pizza community helps invite the urban vibe. Picture by Cadence Andrus

e they are trying to make sure your pizza is cooked to perfection. Many complain that the crust is too burned but it adds a nice change in texture to counter the gooey cheese of your personalized pizza.

If you aren’t sure what you want, they have favorite pizzas that you can get instead of the personalized pizza, or you can also get a salad. All of the food is delicious and at a reasonable price.

When you first walk in you are greeted with the artwork and pictures representing the community. You always have something to look at while you wait.

The location is kept very clean and tidy. The bathrooms are clean and won’t leave you grossed out wishing you had hand sanitizer even though you just washed your hands. Our Pocatello location represents the whole restaurant chain well.