College Visits

    1.Eastern Idaho Technical College (2 year) – $2,256

     2.North Idaho College (2 year) – $3,40

      3.College of Western Idaho (2 year) – $3,400

     4.Brigham Young University-Idaho (4 year) – $3,750

     5.College of Southern Idaho (2 year) – $3,400

    6.Boise State University (4 year) – $4,621

    7.University of Idaho (4 year) – $4,784

    8.Idaho State University (4 year) – $4,784

    9.Lewis-Clark State College (4 year) – $5,900

   10.University of Phoenix-Idaho (4 year) – $9,965

The colleges University of Idaho and College of Eastern Idaho came to our school to tell us about their colleges on Wednesday and Friday. 

Tthe college of Eastern Idaho, located in Idaho Falls, is a community college. Effie, the college recruiter, said that a community college is to test out college and get used to going. In the brochure, its annual fee is 3,096 which is a lot cheaper than a university. This college would not have college dorms but there is some apartments you could live in. Most community colleges have fewer than 10,000 students and in this one there are only around 2,000. 

The  University of Idaho is located in Moscow, Idaho. In response to how many people get scholarships from the University of Idaho, recruiter Eddie Celis said, “Depends on how many students go to the University of Idaho, last year there was 3-4 from Highland. We give about 30 million dollars of scholarship money every single year.” He said that it has a very close-knit community and that you have a lot of different places you can live. Plus, in a lot of places you can live on campus, they can help you get connections and make friends. He also said that there are over 200 different clubs and organizations and if you can’t find one you like you can make your own. All you need is two or more people and a supervisor willing to be in the club. In the U of I brochure, it says, “⅔ of U of I undergraduates participant in hands-on research.” Eddie also said, 10-15 million dollars are given to research every year. The brochure said that they have, “16 division 1 in athletic teams.”

In both meetings, it talked about different scholarship opportunities. Eddie Celis said that that the University of Idaho gives scholarship money to everyone that has a 3.0 GPO and higher. Effie said that you can also check to see if you can get pel money based on your tax information. Pel is money given to you by the state that you don’t have to pay back.  If you are interested in one of these colleges there are some trips you can take to see them. You can set up a trip to look at the College of Eastern Idaho, or go on the envision trip to U of I Nov. 1-2, go to Avanza to I of U Nov. 14th or go to the Vandal trip to U of I for multi-cultural backgrounds.