It’s time to think about P.E.

P.E. is mandatory from elementary through middle school, but not in high school. In high school, you don’t need to do P.E., but you can if you want to. The majority of students say that P.E. should be required, though.

Ryan Schultz, a freshman, says that he is pro gym class. “It can definitely help you, even if you don’t like it.” along with having said this, Schultz says that the P.E. dress code is optimal because shorts and a T-shirt is much more comfortable for sports than pants and sweatshirts. Other students agreed with his stance on the gym, including Jonah Crickson. Crickson agrees with Schultz, saying that P.E. is a good choice. When asked if it should be required he said: “Yes, so you stay healthy.” A person seconding this opinion is Jacob Shroll, a freshman, and he said that P.E. should be required because it keeps you in shape, basically saying the same thing.

Adam Purkett states that we should have at least one hour of activity, but that going to gym class should optional. Berger Barnes says something about the topic as well. “Shouldn’t be because it’s not important to the future education of students.” Some students agree with this and even have their own opinions on the subject. P.E. is a fundamental class to sports careers though.  The problem with P.E. being mandatory otherwise is that some kids are physically challenged. These people would have trouble in the gym because they can’t do what everyone else can. People with wheelchairs or heart conditions or even a temporary condition would have a very bad grade. This is a problem with P.E. being required. So if P.E. wasn’t required, they wouldn’t have to worry about it. Yet in the end, more people say it would be better for P.E. to be required.