Students travel worldwide during spring break to experience different cultures


Cortnie Hulse

Poster advertising the trip to Italy hanging around the school

Drawing by June Johnson

Students will travel to Italy and Greece during the spring break of 2020 to experience different cultures through EF Educational Tours. During spring break of 2020 students will travel to Italy and Greece with the help of Ms. Greco and Ms. Fleischmann. There are many different activities students will be doing during their time in these countries. ”You can’t do it by just reading it out of a book, or watching it on T.V. you just can’t get it any other way,” says Mrs. Greco, the teacher in charge of the trip to Italy. 

The Italy trip of 2020 will cost is a little more than 3,000 dollars. “We’ll go to the Colosseum, we’ll go to the Vatican, the Vatican Museum. Then we’re going to head down into Pompeii see the ruins of Pompeii. We’re going to take an overnight ferry into Sicily. And we’re going to go to Mount Etna do a little hiking, and we will check out the beaches. Students get to experience the culture they get to experience the people and the food.” If you need more information, contact Mrs. Greco by going to her classroom C44, or emailing her at [email protected]

Another trip available to students is the trip to Greece conducted by Mrs. Fleischmann. This trip costs $3,400. They will be “learning about the cradle of democracy in Athens, and we will be exploring some ancient wonders of the world sites. We will be learning about the cultural differences between them and a little bit of the mythology of Greece,“ says Mrs. Fleischmann. The reason Mrs. Fleischmann is going to Greece this year is because the group of people she travels with decided they wanted to travel to Greece this year. It is a great opportunity to learn about diverse cultures. There are only four openings left for anyone to go, and the deadline to sign up is Thanksgiving break but the prices go up after October 1. If you are wanting to travel to Greece, you can contact Mrs. Fleischmann by going to her room B4. “The opportunity to go for some people is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”