Students get creative with homecoming proposals


Photo provided by Lauren Bensom

Being asked to homecoming by Logan Brizzee asked Lauren Benson by having a poster

Shelton Germain, Myra Khan, and Maria Fuentes

The first step to homecoming is the proposals. We put a survey on Instagram to see how many people have been asked to homecoming. Erica Gardner (senior) said that she was asked by Garrison Smith (senior) by a poster he had made with scooby snacks. Erica had responded with yes with Gushers on the poster. Gardner thinks that Smith put quite a lot of effort into the poster. Gardner knew that Smith was going to ask because they were dating.

Harrison Corrington (junior) asked Jaycee Dixon (senior) on a poster through an inside joke. Dixon responded with a laugh and then later went out for ice cream. Dixon thinks that a lot of effort was put into the proposal. Dixon had known that Harrison was going to ask three days before he had asked.

Lauren Benson (junior) had been asked by Logan Brizzee (junior) if she could be the “ike to his mike.” Benson responded with a yes and cinnamon buns. Benson thought that it was very thoughtful because it was her favorite candy.

Senior Taylor Crowder was asked by Daniel Parker with a teddy bear. Crowder had responded with “you knocked my socks off.” Crowder thought that Parker put quite a bit of effort into the proposal. Evan Ames (senior) planned to ask Kaitlyn Harris to homecoming. Evan thought he was putting quite a lot of effort into the proposal. He knew he wanted to ask her because they have been friends for a long time and he wanted to have a good time at his senior homecoming.

Homecoming is this week.