Homecoming is an all-day affair

Marissa Soto and Taija Delacour

The dance is only part of the day when it comes to homecoming plans. Students must decide who they want to go with, and they may choose a boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone who is just a friend.  Senior Evan Ames and his date senior Katelyn Harris chose to go together because “we’re good friends and I wanted to go with her.” Ames and Harris are going Paintballing in Idaho Falls, along with half the school, as their day-date. After homecoming, they are going to a friend’s house to chill and watch movies. Junior Garrett Smith and sophomore Ashlee Smith are going out to eat at Texas Road House as a before-date. When homecoming is coming to an end they decided they will go their separate ways. sophomore Deja Warren is going with a group of friends including sophomore Korien Saldana. For the before-the-date they are just going to hang out at Saldana’s House. After the dance, she will go to a friend’s house. High school dances are not possible without adults willing to chaperone. Coach Christian Colonel said, “I volunteer for everything. I love the positive outlook of all the kids.” To make everyone safe he will make sure that everyone feels included and does not get to wild. Make sure no one gets drunk or drinks alcohol.