Clubs that look good on your college applications


Many high schoolers want to be in college and Key Club, Junior Civitan, and BPA clubs will help a long way in doing so.  These clubs you have probably seen advertisements around the school.  They all have different meeting times and different activities they do, but all of them have a focus on college applications.  All of them already have meetings going on every week. So if you want to be a part of one of these clubs all you have to do is go to the meetings.

BPA stands for Business Professionals of America. According to  Club Adviser Ty Pearson “It’s a club that uses different business skills to compete with local high schools.” According to Mr. Pearson if you do well locally you may go to state and if you do well in state you can go to nationals which is in Washington DC this year. There are many ways you can go to the finals like different competitions in fields such as accounting, web design, prepared speech, and many more. You can also do many service projects to go to the finals. Mr. Pearson states that Torch awards are a great thing to put on your resume.

If you don’t want to do anything big then maybe Key club will work. Club President Brittany Piquet states  “Key club is a service-based club so we do a bunch of service projects around the school.” Some of the things they do around the school are a blood drive and trick or treat for Unicef. Unicef helps kids around the country by protecting their birthrights.

Unicef stands for United Nations International children’s emergency fund. According to Piquet, Key club is called that because it’s the key to success. Piquet thinks that “Colleges really like community and school service and being a part of something bigger than yourself.” She states that all you have to do to join Key club is to come to the meetings on Thursdays.

If you are a little bit older and want to do more then junior Civitan might be for you. according to member Carter Walsh junior Civitan “is a club and we do fundraisers.” According to Carter, one event that is coming soon is Socktober which starts in October. Carter also says that you have to be a junior or a senior to be part of Junior Civitan. all you have to do to join is come to the meetings and sign up as long as you participate.  Any one of these clubs might help you with your college applications.