Students weigh in on homecoming


A majority of students said they were not going to Homecoming on October 4, although most students said that the cost of thirty or thirty-five dollars was not an issue.

People generally said that the cost wasn’t too much. Sophomore Tristan Davis said, “as a couple, no [the cost wasn’t too much].”

However, junior Jared Hawes thought it was too expensive, and so did freshman Noah Jensen. Other than those two, everyone else thought the price was fine.

Despite the cost, some students weren’t sure if it was worth attending. According to one freshmen, he thought that it was pointless for freshmen.

Junior Jared Hawes said, “Probably for the experience yes [it’s worth going], for practicality no.”

Another Junior, Destiny Ward, said that it is fun with your friends.

Freshman Marina Emerson said that it was a waste of time. She didn’t want to sit in a school gym.

Senior Kayden Perks said that he already went to prom, and one dance was enough.

Of course, the dance cost is only part of the expense.  Junior Alexis Olsen said she was spending seventy-five dollars on her dress.

Noah Jenson said he would spend $130.

While some students had decided not to go, price did not seem to be an issue.

Jared Hawes, Junior  Marina Emerson, Freshmen