Rams dominate Black & Blue Bowl 34-0


Emmalynn Packard

Running out to the field ready for the game

Top 10 moments at the game

  1. Touchdown by #23 Dalton Jones.
  2. Touchdown by #21 Kaleb Demuzio.
  3. Pocatello attempted a fake kick before the end of the first half but was blocked by #6 Seth Nath.
  4. The run-through sign made by the cheerleaders to show how much we love our boys. Compared to Pocatello who only had a blow-up helmet.
  5. When the cheerleaders made a sign to go over the student body to show Highland Pride.
  6. When highland yelled we got spirit yes we do we got spirit how about you and Pocatello remained quiet.
  7. A 10-yard sack by #43 Dylan Jester.
  8. Touchdown by #23 Dalton Jones. He scored 23 points for Highland.
  9. Interpretation by #5 JasonWright.
  10. Touchdown by #21 Kaleb Demuzio.

The community turned out Friday to watch the Rams take the Indians for a 34-0 win at the Holt arena. When head coach, Gino Mariani, was asked how the team has prepared for the game he said, pretty much like every other game. It’s big in a sense that it’s Pocatello and it’s against another team that’s in Pocatello, but as for as having prepared its the same for every week. Gino said that our school was built in 1963 and that the black and blue rivalry began in 1963 so it’s probably been like 56 years. The overall record for the Black and Blue Bowl is now 49 for Highland and 14 for Pocatello.

Easton Durham responded, “I would say we just get ourselves hyped up really. He puts the plan in front of us and then we execute as best we can,” when asked how the coach hypes the team up for the game. The team works just as hard for every game they play every game and “our expectation is to win every game we go into so there’s nothing really different.” The spirit of it’ll be fun; we’ll be performing in front of a lot of people.

Part of the experience comes from the energy in the student section. SWAT team members were given the front rows of the student section. Hollin Henderson explained SWAT as, “Students With A Team, and the main goal is to bring a bunch of students together, come out to games and stuff like that. It’s just a way I think to bring students together to unify us as a school.” She added “I think we’re just trying to get as many students there, the SWAT clubs goal is 500 students at the Black and Blue Bowl. It’s the best games of the year.”

uper special but just get as many kids out there as we can.