Help is available for students affected by depression

It's more Important than you think.

Depression affects approximately 20% of teenagers at some point according to That means 1 in 5 of your friends has likely been affected. Plenty of kids and adults at Highland high school are depressed and have had burnouts in there school and lives. One student, who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “I have had a couple of friends. I don’t know why I’m depressed, normal childhood stuff, like the death of a loved one.”

“No matter how many beans you take out of your pocket you will always have the stain, ” sophomore Kaydan Hastings said. “My mom, her dad died and shes had a hard time coping because they were close.”  Hasting goes on to say that he has never really been depressed before, but he has been sad and “Music helped me.”

Another source gave his perspective on what he sees when kids go through burnout. He said, “It [depression] keeps them from doing their work, they shut down, they won’t ask questions, they will even try to shift the conversation.” He went on to talk about what he want through when he was younger and how he helped himself go through it.  he said, “My parents got a divorce when I was 11. I went to a counselor and that helped a lot.”

“I would go and do activities with close friends. or I would work on a puzzle,” another anonymous source said. “I think what helps would be going to therapy and using medication.”

Other advice given included “talking openly to people and trying to make them feel comfortable.”

Remember, “you are not alone and know that there is hope, and help is out there for everyone. You will not always feel like this, it will go away.”

This graph represents how people feel, and they don’t know that they can get help. That’s why we are trying to put out mental health awareness.