Gamer club plans for the future


Out of student interest, the gaming club was formed in Hopwood’s room with the help of donations of old computers and gaming consoles.

“I had a group of kids, mainly Carsten Delonas [currently a senior],  they came up to me and wanted to start a gaming club. I started piecing together old games and consoles I had, then I announced that I started accepting donations if anyone had anything.” 

Most of Hopwood’s collection came from donations. He started his computer collection from a teacher at Pocatello High School donating some computer equipment to him. Hopwood said that when all of the school’s computers were being updated, the tech guy contributed a lot by giving him old computers which were better than what he had before.

With the proper funding, Hopwood would like to see better gaming systems and competitions.

“The future I see is to move it forward, and get better equipment, newer games, and keep the old games too. But our systems are getting old. With the next fifth generation on Xbox and new PlayStations are coming out. It would be nice to get the fourth generation up here and get some of the newer computers. As far as E-sports, I really want it to just get off the ground and hopefully get to competitive play. “

Editorial cartoon by Kira Venra.

The gaming community within the club is mostly hardworking and fun people according to senior Calvin Hewett. “Gaming has endless possibilities and can teach people about many different things. And of course there are pros and cons to it but it’s still fun.” 

Some of the different games played in Gamer club are Smash Bros, Overwatch, and Minecraft.

Gamer club member sophomore Marius Bache Sam, met Hopwood by accident and then joined the club.

“I met him one day when I was walking to E-Hall to hang out with my friends. I saw the classroom was open and so I went in there and I saw all of the consoles and everything sitting there and I thought, “Oh this is cool!” and I went to go ask him if these were available for us to play with and he said “Yeah go ahead” and that’s how I met him. Ever since then I have been going there.”