Guitar lessons provide a ‘chill’ experience


Have you ever wondered what happens “behind the scenes” of playing the guitar? Or when you see your favorite singer/artist playing the guitar and saying to yourself, “Wow! they are really good.” Well, if you take the class with Mr. Bret Scherer, you may just find out.

Scherer said he was drawn into playing guitar for the ladies and because of Metallica. It was Scherer’s fourth instrument to play and his favorite brand of the guitar was the Martin. “It’s a pretty chill class, it’s also a pretty easy class. It’s also a good learning environment.”

Students took the class for different reasons. Aubrie Huff said the reason she signed up for guitar was that she had gotten a guitar and decided to play. “I have started playing the guitar this year.”

Bridger Melicharek said that he thinks guitar is fun, which is why he started to play. He didn’t want to play any other instrument because “Guitars are fun.”

Sarah Neild, one of Scherer’s students who is a senior, said that she’s played for a month, but thinks that there are no other instruments that are cooler than a guitar.