The death of Aries, the school’s first living mascot, remains a mystery to this day


Past Highland student

Aries the ram being wheeled out for one of our pass assemblies

Alexis William

The death of Aries, the school’s first living mascot, is still unknown to this day. “Future Farmers of America has donated a live ram to the Highland student body,” states the Highland Rampage of 1964-1965.

The white fluffy ram you pass every day in the commons was donated to our school in the year 1965. Aries would be brought out during our past assemblies to represent our school spirit and pride. He was also brought out during games to represent Highland.

“There’s multiple Aries, there wasn’t just one ram,” stated Don Neves, a former vice-principal at Highland. Through the years, Aries was replaced four different times. After one died they would buy a new one.

Although his certain death is unknown, there have been many rumors of how he died. Vice-Principal, Travis Bell states that there were rumors that Aries was shot and killed, but nobody really knows what happened to him. As you look through yearbooks of past years Aries makes a distinct appearance from the years 1965 to about 1979, but after the year 1984, he disappears.

It is rumored that an Animal Rights group formed throughout America, leading the school officials to decide they shouldn’t keep a live ram in captivity. Concern was especially raised when Aires was kidnapped by Pocatello High School.

In the December Rampage of 1982, it states in Aries point of view, “I’ve been manhandled by Indians and painted blue. I’m tired of this game and I wish it would stop!” When this happened, many students were concerned about Aries’ health and well-being.

Being in assemblies with loud students and being kidnapped can be traumatic for animals. This led the school to not buy a new ram after the old one passed away. After the last Aires passed away, Ram Man was introduced to the school.

In the October 1984 Rampage, it states that the Ram Man would be asked to show up to games to represent our school spirit. Ram Man appears here and there throughout the years, but as of now, there is a low probability that he will appear this year.