Administration seeks increased quality of athletic fields

Adding a building with a concession stand, announcers booth, bathrooms, and team meeting rooms could make Iron Horse stadium a viable alternative to renting Holt Arena.


Savannah Hirsch

Highland's blue print plans of thier new conssession stand for convinince of students and building more funds for the school.

Food, bathrooms, and announcers booth are part of the plans for an addition to our outdoor athletic fields. This would be available for use at track meets, football games, and possibly other events. The stand is being built to help make more money off of sports. As Mr. Bell said, “For every game, other schools make around $13,000. We make that in one season for renting out Holt Arena, and having to pay for concessions there as well.” Unfortunately, the school has to work with the city, obey the fire code and raise the funds for the stand itself. When asked is it worth it money wise, math teacher, Mr. Hebdon, said, “It definitely is. In a matter of years, you will make the money back. It could go even faster if you rent out the field for little league football or middle schools.” Students expressed desires for products such as popcorn, a variety of drinks, nachos, hot dogs, and pizza to be sold. Tony Converse, a freshman, said that he would like for the stand to sell smart water.  Converse said he would rather the funds go to having the field redone. This sentiment was shared by Jamall Bell, a sophomore. Many football players feel this way about the field. New Jerseys are in demand as well. Tony Converse asked for face painting to be another feature of the stand. According to him, you could get a ram or a player’s number painted on your face. As stated before, the stand will double as a bathroom. It will also be a press box as well as being a concession stand. The concession stand should, according to Mr. Bell, provide a new source of income for Highland High School as well as get us closer to not spending money on Holt Arena.