Drama stages The Murder Room


Taija Delacour

Lexi Crockett explains the play

Taija Delacour, Myra Khan, Marissa Soto, and Maria Fuentes

Sylly Brimhall, sophomore, Q and A

The play “The Murder Room,” is about Mavis Hollister and Edgar who got married. Edgar’s wife kills him or thinks she did, and she hides the body. Edgar’s daughter arrives with her fiance, unknowingly deceived by Mavis’s plot.  In the words of Lexi Crockett, who plays Mavis, “The British play is about a girl named Mavis, who I get to play, and she marries a guy named Edgar, who has a lot of money, and on the night of the wedding, she kills him for his money and the rest of them trying to figure out her killed him.” They are performing  October 31, November 1, 4, 5, and 6 in the Highland auditorium.

Cast members:

Lexi Crockett and Josie Ratzlaff- Mavis Hollister

Luke Bedell and Tristan Pinkerton – Edgar Hollister

Sully Brimhall and Ethan Brunetti- Barry Draper

Samuel Bacon and Jonah Brown – Inspector James Crandell

Megan Bedell and Danica Taylor- Susan Hollister

Sophie Jaglowski and Destini Mckee- Lottie Molloy

Lexi Radford and Mikelle Martin – Stage Managers