Van Noy joins Highland with eight others


Kaden Simmons

Alix Van Noy, in his natural habitat of the costume shed.

Kaden Simmons, Kira Venra, and Cadence Andrus

Mr. Alix Van Noy is one of the many new teachers that transferred to our school. Eight other new teachers joined our staff this year as well. Van Noy plans to change the drama club for the school. Before the school year started, Van Noy changed up the layout of the room. “The first thing you would notice is that there is a twelve by eight stage in here, took me a few hours to build.” When asked how he planned to change the drama club he responded “I think the first thing is getting people excited about the things that we are doing and make people understand that we are not just doing high school drama, the standard is higher than that. When you raise the bar, people will usually achieve to get that and our goal is to raise the bar higher than anybody else’s in the state. People gravitate towards things that are done well, that’s the big thing, do things well, raise the bar, and then find talent.” claimed Van Noy.