Behind The Scenes Of Saturdays Game

Marissa Soto and Myra Khan

JJ flores
Dylan Jester

The players were ready for the game. They practice before Saturday and before the game as well. Dylan Jester, a varsity  player,  said, “We Start with warm-ups, then do individual stuff.” When he is personally preparing for a game he told reporters, “I think I act superstitious and try to find one thing that works and stick with it.” Jester thinks the coaches are the best, more than just coaches. He feels that you can come to them with anything, and talk to them about anything. As one of Dylan’s teammates, JJ Flores was very nervous for the game. He said that no matter how the game ended, he and his teammates would be happy and learn what they needed to try harder the next time. Flores said, “I am  very confident with this season because we have a great group of people and I believe confidence is key.” Flores said he has a great group of teammates. They are like brothers to him. Flores also  said that he thought the coaches were great coaches, and off and on the field they will help you with life situations or even school situations. They want what’s best for you, Flores said. Even though the score (23-10) was not what they were hoping for they knew that they needed to try harder for their next game.