Students choose between backpacks and lockers.

Caleb Ramsey, Braylon Carson, and Gideon Hauser

Freshmen come into high school with a choice to use lockers or backpacks. The preferred choice by two-thirds of the students is backpacks. Shelton Germaine, a freshman, prefers backpacks. He says he loves the backpacks “Because you can pack more stuff for class.” He also says that he sees the other side because they don’t have to carry stuff. Another interview told us that Travis Turner uses lockers instead of backpacks. He simply doesn’t use backpacks. Another freshman, Hailey Anderson, sees why people use lockers but she prefers backpacks. She sees why people like lockers because they “Don’t have to carry a bunch of crap.” She does prefer backpacks because you have stuff when you need it. According to Mercury News, this trend is not limited to Highland. Many schools are big enough that students don’t want to go across the school in between every class. When thinking about student’s relationship with lockers we have to remember that most middle schools in Pocatello won’t let you use backpacks. Most incoming freshmen are used to lockers. As time goes on, they will become more accustomed to using backpacks, those that use backpacks, anyway.