Gino Mariani builds football reputation

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Gino Mariani has been leading the Highland Rams Football since 2002 and has been teaching for thirty years. Mariani coached seven of his seventeen Ram season into the top five in-state, according to “I love Gino because he is a great person on and off the field,” J.J Flores, a senior varsity player, said. Mariani is known across the football team for his ability to push the team to its limits and is known to say exactly what he is thinking during practice. Ian Allen said in order to be a great coach, you can’t be soft on your players, and others on the team agree that this is a trait that Mariani has. One thing that the players liked to make note of is that Mariani is a coach who truly cares about each one of the players. Coach Mariani has won more games than any football coach in Rams’ football history according to the Idaho State journal. In the 1980’s Mariani was an Idaho State University quarterback. Mariani deploys a complex West Coast offense that features some spread components and is adjustable to quarterback strengths. Mariani also shares his playbooks with the other coaches, but not the players according to Mariani. During the 2008 season, Mariani coached our team to the state title with Taysom Hill at quarterback. To help with the team spirit, Mariani buys the team chicken every Wednesday, claimed Dalton Jones, senior.