LGBTQ+ community feels safe

Faculty state that there is a general sense of safety and inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community at our school, but we need to continue to increase awareness.  The head of the Human Rights club, Ms. Pamela Fleischmann, tries to provide a safe place for everyone no matter how you identify or what your sexuality is. Ms. Fleischmann who has taught for 28 years, and says that the biggest problem that has been brought to her attention with the community in the school is transgender people not having access to use the bathroom they associate with.

Ms. Story Holston has taught for 23 years and is also apart of the Human Rights Club. Ms. Holston was told of an experience where a girl with shorter hair went into the girls’ bathroom and an older woman yelled at her saying that boys were not allowed in the girls’ bathroom. School bathrooms are only one place where concerns arise.

Another place of concern is in athletics. Coach Michael Berger has been coaching football for five years. During his first year of coaching, he had a transgender male join the football team. When asked if there were any rules against this, Berger said that there were no restrictions and there was no discrimination against him from his teammates. “Students have the same opportunities no matter their sexuality or how they identify,” Berger said.

LGBTQ+ students have a place to go talk in the counselors’ office. School counselor Ms. Tami Romriell has been here for seven years and has not personally witnessed any discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Ms. Romriell says if anyone feels like they don’t have anyone to talk to or any support, go to the counselors so you can talk with them for support. Conversations are 1 on 1 and completely confidential. If you feel that you need to talk to someone please talk to the counselor or call the LGBTQ+ hotline. 1-866-488-7386.