Lil dudes hidden around the school


Jaylee Crum

Mr Hebdon, math teacher, is one of the few highland staff that are pretty psyched about the army men, saying it was the highlight of his teaching career. He is also an avid hunter of the tiny dudes, stating he has found over 50 around the school.

They’re hiding throughout the school; if you watch closely enough you’ll find them. If you already don’t know what we’re talking about, we are talking about army men hidden around the school. These sneaky little dudes are hiding in places ranging from the floor to the top of the flagpole. Many have been cl

eared by the janitors but if you look closely enough you might be lucky enough to find one. Last year, as juniors, Ethan Dowding and his friends Truman Anderson and Drew Bringhurst got bored one day in class and started discussing a plan to take miniature army guys like the ones from Toy Story and hide them everywhere. “I find it funny and hope other people find it funny,” said Dowding.

At one time there were over 200 of them throughout classrooms

, the commons, and even on the fire alarms. Anderson went to the dollar store and bought a lot of army dudes towards the end of the school year. The next day he placed them around the school. Teachers thought that this was a great idea. One, in particular, really enjoyed finding the army men. “It was awesome, the highlight of my teaching career,” said Mr. Jason Hebdon, math teacher.

Many teachers such as Mr. Jesse Rose didn’t want to take them down. He even kept them when he was switched from B hall to C hall. “I noticed them last year and I saw them a lot,” said Mr. Rose, “Tell me do you think there’s a deeper meaning behind it all?”

Mr. Hebdon thinks there is “Yes, the teachers are constantly at war with their students,” said Mr. Hebdon. Some of the partners in crime like Drew said: “I hope people find a deeper meaning because that would be funny.” Rose said, “There are worse and more destructive things people.”

Teachers found some in weird places in their classrooms. Hebdon found some in his classroom. He said he found them, “in my microwave. behind my TV. In with the Chromebooks. Inside my calculator holder. according to Dowding and Anderson, there are many more to be found. Truman said, “people have only found like 2/3rds of the army men.” There are plenty of army men hidden around the school and they are hidden in the most mysterious places.