Cheerleaders and marching band perform in Saturday’s halftime show


Rebecca Moreno

Marching band performance at ISU holt arena. Saturday, 8:40 p.m.

Highland High School’s cheerleaders and marching band performed at the halftime show on Saturday’s football game against East High in ISU Holt Arena at 7:00. Some of the coaches and players, from both cheerleading and marching band, explained how they prepared for the halftime show. Mr.Wilson said, “We have prepared for the halftime show this Saturday all summer. We had spring camp for a week in June and a fall camp for two weeks in August, and then this school week. He also talked about how they warm up before the game, “we would meet forty-five minutes to warm up, run through a few exercises, and tune. Then we go and perform in the pep band for the first quarter, after the first quarter we go outside and tune one last time and then go inside to line up. You can expect to see the marching band perform in three to four more shows during the upcoming football season. “

The cheerleaders were also a large part of the half-time show.  “We have practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday after school for two and a half hours. We warm up the stunts and then run through the halftime show routine,” said Ashley Dabell senior at Highland. To warm-up for the show, Dabell said, “When we get ready to perform the halftime show we stretch and then put the stunt up.”

Part of the cheer team’s duties is to make the spirit signs for the games. Cheerleader Makenzie Cook stated that the signs hanging up take one to two hours and the run though takes five to six hours because they scratch them out, paint, and then tape the edge so they don’t rip. Cook’s favorite part of half time is the tumbling or the dance section; she really doesn’t like the stunts.  Cook said the practice “A lot.”