What would make you care about puppy mills

Maxwell Woodward, Guest reporter

Would The Pictures Make You Care?

In puppy mills around the country some dogs are forced to breed and only breed. Some never see the light of day and are stuffed in cages to provide space for the other dogs.


Would the Charts Make You Care?

Though many people do not think they are supporting puppy mills, but yet they are still running. Puppy mills can be breeding hundreds of dogs at a time. Many dogs die because of this cruelty yet some states still allow this.

Dogs have more disorders because of mutations. When one dog gets a mutation and has offspring they are more likely to get spread around. Puppy mills are known to cause dog health problems and force the same dog to have multiple litters of puppies.


Because the parent dogs are not healthy many of their offspring come out with diseases, mental disabilities, or even die early on in their life either by the farmer or their disease.


Idaho is one of the states that has no restrictions on puppy mills. Even if you do not directly support puppy mills, they are all around sneakily selling to many pet stores.


Would the Videos Make You Care?

Most people do not know how the inside of a puppy mill looks like. The amount of money that puppy mills makes is astounding, and sad because it only supports the abuse of dogs.





So What?

After seeing what puppy mills do to dogs, you want to help. You can help in many ways.

  1. Don’t buy from pet stores and instead, adopt rescues and at the pound.
  2. Don’t buy dogs online.
  3. Donate here to help stop puppy mills: https://www.thepuppymillproject.org/donate/
  4. Or here: https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Donation2?df_id=24348&24348.donation=form1&s_src=redir_22811
  5. Or many other foundations that support the end of puppy mills.
  6. Support stricter laws that give more care to dogs and makes dogs lives better.

Dogs need help in puppy mills, we need to support them.