What would make you care about government shutdown

Will Sirman, Guest reporter

Citizens of the United States have been affected by Trump’s recent government shutdown. Although the news is full of cases where people are fighting and picketing for those working without pay, many people do not understand the magnitude of the government shutdown and how it is affecting government-working families.

The government shutdown has slowly been ruining lives since December 22, 2018, making it the longest-lasting government shutdown since December 1995 to January 1996 between President Bill Clinton and Congress.

Many of you may not care about the government shutdown. It may seem like it doesn’t affect you directly.

The question is, what WOULD make you care?


Would the numbers make you care?

More than

government workers and their families are going without pay. Compared to the number of citizens living in the state of Idaho alone, that is over 45 percent. That is almost half of the population. Idaho ranks in the top 30% of the largest states in the United States.


Of the 800,000 government workers, 420,000 of them are forced to work without being payed. This is over half of government workers. These include workers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and thousands of others being forced to work without pay.


Of the approximate 315,000,000 United States citizens surveyed, 56 percent, or 176.4 million people, voted against President Trump’s wall. 44 percent, or 138.6 million people voted for the wall. This is a close call, but is still enough to show how President Trump is not thinking of how this shutdown is affecting many thousands of U.S. citizens. Clearly, the 56 percent that voted against the wall knew the negative effects it would have, which was a smart decision.


Over 420,000 government workers are not getting payed. Each year, these government workers make varying salaries. The government shutdown has already had and will continue to have negative effects on these government families. These families can only go so long before running out of money. Keep in mind they still need to pay bills, debt, and provide food and other necessities for their households.


Would the pictures make you care?




All over the country, hundreds upon thousands of families are facing circumstances just like these. They can no longer afford their taxes and bills. Food is running scarce due to lack of money. People are being evicted from their homes and forced to move. People continue being forced to work without pay, no longer being able to provide for themselves and their families. Even animals and nature itself are in danger as there is no one to care for them and keep national parks clean. This is happening to so many. Every day.


Would the stories make you care?



Would the frustration make you care?

People working for the United States government are undergoing serious frustration. They are either being forced to work without pay or they can leave their jobs but are required to go find another one. These people aren’t immune to taxes and bills just because they aren’t getting payed. The country still requires these people to make their house payments, car and insurance payments, and just federal taxes in general. These people are tight for money as it is, and being pressed for literally everything they have isn’t helping.

Keep in mind that these government workers still have to eat, get clothes, pay for school, and many other things that some may think are minor expenses. For these people suffering for money, any expense is a major one. The worst part of this is that these workers cannot do anything about it. Leaders of this country are prepared to sit back and relax, patting themselves on the shoulder for their hard work, when they don’t realize the extreme chaos that is happening in the real world.

So, what would make you care? Is it the numbers, the hundreds of thousands of people being affected every day? Is it the pictures showing the panic of hunger and bills that cannot be afforded to pay? Or maybe it’s the heartbreaking stories of people trying to make others aware of their dire circumstances but not being heard? This is real. To many the government shutdown is just news, but to others it determines how they live. It controls them and they cannot do anything about it. And everyone is letting it happen, Just like that. What will you do? Sit by along with the “leaders” of the country supposedly helping it, or will you do something about it and make a difference to thousands of fellow Americans? Even helping just one individual, one soul, can make all the difference in the world.