What would make you care about animal cruelty

Annabella Piantanida, Guest reporter

Every second of every day, an animal is being mistreated. Various people around the globe are unaware of this issue that has always been out-of-hand. People treat animals unfairly very often. Many times, they may not even know that it is actually animal cruelty. Animal cruelty also comes from things around the Earth that doesn’t include human contact, like plastic bags all over the ocean and pollution. Animals are not able to speak their minds and they’re not always able to defend themselves, making this worldwide problem even more hectic. They can’t solve the problems we cause.

Would the pictures make you care?


Would the statistics make you care?

Many people are not able to care for their animals due to various reasons. They take them to animal shelters where many times, those shelters do not treat the animals fairly.

People use animals not only for having a pet, but for many different other purposes, including testing which can result in drastic measures. The other purposes can also be unfair to these animals.


Would videos make you care?


Would the stories make you care?

A woman named Mandy Pearson moved away for weeks and left her three dogs there, without any care. “The three dogs, likely less than a year old, are now being cared for at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit. Neighbors along Main Street in Simpson said they heard dogs barking from a second-floor apartment, but no signs of an owner. One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, told Newswatch 16 she started to worry late last month and called humane officers. ‘I could tell, I would tell my husband, I know that bark and that’s not a good bark,’ she said.”


So what?

If you want to help stop or prevent animal cruelty, donate to ASPCA or the Animal Humane Society to make a difference.