What would make you care about America’s debt

What would make you care about America's debt

Cortnie Hulse, Guest reporter

America’s debt started before it was even a nation, by ‘borrowing’ money from France and the Netherlands to help themselves win independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War. It kept growing and by 1790 it had hit $75 million dollars. America’s growing economy helped lower the debt, but it shot back up during the War of 1812. It hasn’t gotten much better from there. Now, the nation’s debt is over $21 trillion dollars, almost $22 trillion now.
Site Used: https://www.history.com/topics/us-government/national-debt
There might be many reasons why you don’t care about this problem.

So what will make you care?

Would the Graphs Make You Care?

This is a real time debt clock showing how fast our debt is increasing.

This next graph shows who owns that debt.

Would the Pictures Make You Care?

Look at the size of $15  trillion dollars! $22 Trillion dollars would be a lot more.

The real life Debt Clock


Would These Stories Make You Care?

What More Will It Take?

If you want to help stop the National Debt, you can’t do it alone. We won’t get a bill asking for that $67,000 per person. It will happen slowly if the government decides it is time to end the debt. If the government decided one day to pay off all the debt, they would need to spend less and possibly raise taxes. They would have to spend much less on social security, medicare, the military, and other items than they currently do. A  Balance Budget Amendment is an idea that has floated around lately that would be added to the Constitution to help lower debt, but it has never been seriously thought of.