Kyle Bascom exceeding in BPA

BPA, or Business Professionals of America, is a club focused on talents and skills for leadership, technology, and academic.



Sarah Bounmixay, Editor in chief

Senior Kyle Bascom is currently a treasurer for BPA and has loved the events and activities they do every year. His event this year for BPA is tests in the categories of Business Law and Ethics with Extemporaneous Speech. In which he helps prepare for them with studying textbooks and a recent class about business law.

These events and gatherings can also play out the craziest of experiences. “A crazy experience I had in BPA was in my Junior year. I was so sick, but I still went to take the test. Holding a tissue up to my nose with one hand and filling out bubbles with my other hand. I was able to place first place. Afterwards, I took my driver’s license test, acing it as well. It was a very ‘event’ful day.” Even earlier, in Kyle’s Sophomore year, he earned a plaque with the wrong date of 2015 and had to have it changed soon after.

Kyle recommends when in BPA to just take your time in the club. Do not be lazy, but adventurous in what you can do. Determination and time are the key roles. “Get all you can out of it.”, comments Kyle.