Highland’s growing Wrestling team

So far so good. Our wrestling team have worked hard and well this year.

A tournament between the Highland Rams and the Bonneville Bees.

Sarah Bounmixay, Editor in chief

Wrestling can be a confusing sport to newcomers, but Mr. Carlson is a long time fan of the sport. First falling in love with it as a kid, Mr. Carlson has been with it ever since and is the main reason he is the assistant coach for our current wrestling team. “So far everything’s been doing pretty good. Our players have been getting better too.”, Mr. Carlson comments about the current season, “We have only lost one duel this year so far.”

Wrestling has players split up into 15 different categories based on weight, it helps players tackle other players their own size. Once we make sure there is no advantage of one player over another, by weight, the tournament begins with individual fights which will be important in collecting points. In each individual match, players can gain 3-6 points for them team. Practically, if one player pins their opponent then they immediately win and gain 6 points for their team to add with their fellow members gained points. Points also vary on the player’s performance or moves made during the wrestle. Such as reversals in which a person who is pinned under their opponent is able to turn the tables and roll their opponent under them, pinning them against the ground instead. If a perfect tournament is played, the total number points possible gained would be 90.

To totally understand the sport, one has to begin attending our wrestling matches. Mr. Carlson suggested that becoming more involved with wrestling, such as coming to tournaments or joining the sport, is the best way to understand it better.