Drama students rise beyond state

Recently, drama students competed against other high schools at state.

All photos are from a preview of what the drama students would present to the state competition.

Sarah Bounmixay, Editor in chief

There are many different categories to choose from when going to state. Solo and groups acting, doing humor or serious parts of plays with action and classic theatre. Not only are there these entertaining pieces, but also the “behind the scenes” choices to chose from. Such as working backstage, creating props, producing wonderous makeup for actors, and planning scenes. This year, Mr. Bonman says that this has been a small team, but the greatest team, to head towards state and continue to the finals.

Part of this determined team was Madison May, Destini Mckee, Brynoch Rammell, Danica Taylor, Kaigler Glacier, Sophia Jaglowski, and Kelsey Benson. They all formed their own teams, duos, and solos to take on state competitions in as many categories as possible. Bonman is proud to see that his students have tried a variety of things to try and how they have improved on state contests. In total, the students did 7 events with a balanced 7 qualifiers.

In the end, a costume and audition piece broke into finals with a comedy piece heading towards semi-finals. “I’m proud of my team. A small team, but they did very well.”, added Bonman, “I think they have improved so far.” He is especially proud that his students have taken more tech categories, and more even events, than last year.