The past repeats itself finale

To see what they do in a reboot would be great.


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Lizzie And Fred From Drop Dead Fred.

Ruby Kloh, Reporter

Spin-offs and reboots, they often given a bad reputation, but what about the ones that have succeeded, or even just have potential. The first is Ghostbusters. The original Ghostbusters is absolutely hilarious! The new one is too! The new one has the amazing and hilarious Melissa McCarthy, and the Ghostbusters are all female. Next is, The Fantastic Four, a movie based off of the marvel comic. The comic was written by the recently passed Stan Lee. The movie while it has it’s cheese moments, which are mainly at the end, is great! One reboot I think has great potential, is a Drop Dead, Fred reboot, that has been rumored. Drop Dead Fred is one of those great and hilarious movies everyone should watch. To see what they do in a reboot would be great.