Bagpipes: they will blow you away

The bagpipe club is open to new members and skill level is not an issue.


Tristan Pinkerton

Tristan Pinkerton practicing Amazing Grace on the bagpipe in his living room. This photo was taken on November 15, 2018.

Jordan Mayo, Reporter

A club that can often go unnoticed at Highland is the Bagpipe Club . The instructor is Todd Asay, and he has been in this position for three years. He does not know when the club first started, but there was a picture on the wall that showed the club back in the 70’s. When asked about what kind of people should join the club, he said that everyone should join, musically inclined or not. All that’s needed is a good attitude. “The more the merrier,” he said. He encourages all people to join, and more people need to join each year because of the seniors that leave. Depending on the skill level of the group, they will perform at least once during the school year, but the fall and spring time are ideal times. All you need to do to join is come down to the Band room after school on Wednesdays.