The entertainment of art class

Mrs. Speer's art class is very creative and and fun!


This is an image of some art supplies that are similar to the art supplies in Mrs. Speer's room.

Sophie Gagnon, Reporter

Art class is a very fun class here at Highland! Many students here enjoy it. You can meet new friends and have a great time.

In art class, you can learn many new things you didn’t know before. You can also discover new talents that you didn’t know about, or learn of new things you like to do. For example, someone might not have into art before art class. But after being in it for a while they might figure out that they actually like doing art and drawing.

You can discover new talents in art class. You can also meet new friends who have similar hobbies, like art. The atmosphere in art is very nice and welcoming too. A student named Brandon Hughes who is a sophomore, who’s in last hour drawing two says ” I really like the class. I think Ms. Speer is an amazing teacher. Her class is probably one of my favorites.”

Like I said earlier, students learn new things in art class and have a great time. “I feel like I’m actually learning something and so are the people around me,” says Hughes. The class is very helpful for students who want to take their art skills to the next level and learn more.

The class is always happy to have more students. You can always make new friends in art too, just like in any class. The only difference is that you’re in art, so you can find people who like to do art as you do too. Hughes thinks that art is so underestimated and he thinks more people should take the class. So go take art and learn some new possibilities that come with art!