Putting the Ice in Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's first ice cream shop was in Burlington, Vermont.


Hannah Allen, Reporter

The Ben and Jerry’s company was all started in 1978 with best friends Ben and Jerry. Ben and Jerry opened their first ice cream shop in a gas station that they renovated in Burlington, Vermont.

One year later they celebrated by holding the first ever free cone day, which is still an annual celebrated tradition. In 1981 the first franchised scoop shop opened in Shelburne, Vermont. In 1985 the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation was established.

Ben and Jerry’s has been a household name for many years and will continue to be a household name for many years to come. Many of our parents have grown up with Ben and Jerry’s and it will most likely be in our kid’s houses.

For the first couple of years, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream was only in America. In 1994 Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream began to be sold in the United Kingdom. 40 years later Ben and Jerry’s still continues to be one of the most sold brands of Ice Cream.

As an eater of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, I can see why it is one of the most sold brands of ice cream. One anonymous person that was interviewed said that the reason that they like Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream so much is because there is a wide array of flavors and if they ever get sick of one flavor there is always another one to choose from.

“Whenever you are down there is always Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream waiting for me in my freezer,” said Nina Fly. When asked which flavor was her favorite she said “Half Baked.”

“I don’t have a favorite flavor because there is just too many to choose from.”  said one anonymous person. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream currently has 54 flavors of ice cream. Those 54 flavors will probably have a new addition to their family sometime soon because Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is always adding new flavors.

As of June 2018, the number one flavor is Half Baked. Half Baked is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie and brownie chunks. The reason for the name is because the brownies are baked while the cookie dough is not baked. So if you are ever on the hunt for good ice cream go try some of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors.