Urinetown uses music to lighten the mood

Highland's play Urinetown uses music from all genres to perk up the mood of the play's serious topic.


Jordan Mayo

Erica Talbot in Mrs. Thompson's room eating lunch during lunch hour at at Highland High School. The photo was taken on November 9, 2018.

Jordan Mayo, Reporter

Highland’s first play of the year, Urinetown, is a musical. Erica Talbot, a freshman at Highland that plays Cladwell’s secretary in the play, gave some details on the type of music used in the play. “The music would be difficult for someone without any musical training,” she said when asked about the difficulty level of the music. She continued to explain that the play has music from multiple genres, including classic broadway. She said that the music helps lighten the mood when it comes to the serious main focus of the play. Overall, when it comes to music, the play has something for everyone to enjoy.