Why you need to switch to an LG

With both Samsung's and Apple's slowing operating systems, it's time to switch


LG G7 ThinQ, uploaded on eBay listing, listed on September 28, 2018

Cameron Norton, Reporter

Samsung and Apple are both guilty of slowing their operating systems in each update to force users to buy new phones. Apple was sued for around $315,000 last year for intentionally slowing down the battery life and performance of their older phones, and Samsung seems to be going down that path. This leaves LG as our only decent smartphone option, aside from the Google Pixel series which are all extremely pricey. LG does not make a bad phone, and the LG I-have-no-money-so-I-grabbed-the-cheapest-phone-I-could-find-at-Walmart model is probably one of the most decent phones I’ve owned, despite costing less than $50. I have a friend that wanted to prove to me how durable LGs are, and after making this claim, he threw his phone down a stairwell and, surprisingly, there was not a scratch on it.