Quick game, quick win

All three girls basketball teams started out the season with wins! Century took all the hits with this start of the season.


Kimberly Miller

FRESHMAN TEAM START THE SEASON AMAZINGLY- Freshman make winning seem easy with their fantastic score of 46 to 6! That is a hardcore win.

Kimberly Miller, Reporter

Freshman and JV girls basketball teams won their first games of the season, although Century tried their best our teams demolished them. The freshman team won 46 to 6 having a high advantage throughout the entire game. Hannah Rosa, a freshman who was present at the freshman game says, “I think that it was a pretty easy win for the freshman,” Rosa also states that “If the basketball team keeps playing like they are I’m sure the season will be pretty easy for them.” JV and Varsity started out the season with outstanding wins, but Varsity wasn’t as lucky, they were beat 58 to 53. Overall not a bad game, the team shows great potential for the rest of the season. The teams next competitor is Pocatello High School on November 13, 2018. We will see if Freshman and JV’s winning streak continues and maybe Varsity will pull out a win.