What you sweat is what you get

Staying active will help you in all aspects of your life.


Dalton Derie

Dawsen Derie, at his last wrestling meet of the season at Alemeda.

Dalton Derie, Reporter

Staying active is very important. There are many different ways to do it too and many of them can be fun. Jaylin Allen, reporter for the website “Active” wrote about 5 different, fun activities to stay in shape. The list includes cycling, tennis, basketball, swimming, and rowing. Each of them have their own benefits and work different parts of the body. They all, however, focus on the main muscles in the body, like the quads, biceps, calves, and core. Staying active can also help you do better in school. People who are more active do better in their studies. Wrestler at Franklin, Dawsen Derie said,”I like doing sports because they make me feel good.” Last year he won at state in his weight class and he plans to do the same this season .