Students need their education


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Ruby Kloh, Jordan Iverson, and Sophie Gagnon

 As high schoolers we know our next two options after we graduate. College, or any other form of higher education, or straight to work. I will admit there are circumstances where college is not available of all as it should be. However I think it is rather important that we go to college, if we have that option in our lifetime. I also think that if we try, we can do it, and that college should be free.

College is not only another opportunity for higher education, but it is an experience. Or so I’m told. College is another time to figure out what you want to be, and make active steps toward it. Many jobs now day really want you yo have a college degree, so it is taking one-step ahead, for your future. One-step further, for tomorrow, and the day after.

One of the big concerns is if you can graduate high school. TRIO can help with that. TRIO offers students help for getting ready for college, and to help better students education. They offer tutoring, field trips, workshops, and other cool stuff to help you. TRIO is designed to help us!

Another concern is how are we going to afford it. Some do not have money like others do. However we have scholarship opportunities! The average Athletic scholarship is 10,400 dollars! For ISU and Boise State University, that would about cover tuition, and textbooks and materials. Tuition for the two is about 7,000 dollars, and the average college student spends over 1,200 dollars on textbooks and other supplies.