One more step towards state

Varsity football played a successfull game against Eagle.


Jordan Iverson

Joshua Potter, Varsity football running back, excited for next game.

Jordan Iverson, Reporter

Last week we played a good game against Eagle High School. We played great and got a score of 35-14. Varsity running back, Joshua Potter, stated, “We did pretty good!”, but he also said how there was always room for improvement. Mountain View won their game against Madison last week as well. That means this week we will be going up against Mountain View. The game will be held at Holt Area this Friday, at 8:15, if you would like to go support your Highland rams. Rocky Mountain and Coeur d’Alene will also be playing a game this week. Who ever wins that game, we will face off, for the title of State Champions. Joshua also said how it would be nice to go up against Coeur d’Alene, because they lost to them early on in the season and it would be a good time for, “redemption.” So gear up, get your popcorn and go watch the game!