Students in politics is not common


Ruby Kloh


Ruby Kloh and Cameron Norton

Politics, “The science or art of political government,” says many dictionary websites. High school students should be involved in politics! We are the future. For our seniors here at Highland, in a year they will be voting themselves.

The benefits of students being in politics are great! They are more aware of the communities around them. The communities they will soon be a part of. Communities they will make a difference in, good or bad.

However here at highland only 7% of the people interviewed, knew much about politics. In defense of the rest of Highland students, 36% knew something, even if it was outdated! The other 58% knew nothing of politics! This is highly disappointing.

Politics are our government. For many people to say that they are dumb, as our surveys say is greatly saddening. Students are going to grow up and vote and play their parts. However, how can you play a part in your community, and make a change, if you know nothing about it? You cannot.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink, as the saying goes. Highland offers a government class that you can take, we have our history classes that you can take. Just watching the news, or reading the paper can greatly inform you. Students have the resources to keep themselves awake, they need too.