Cleansing does not have to be hard

Students need the proper skills so that they can improve their daily schedule.


Dalton Derie

Jaylee Crum, freshman at Highland, works hard on her essay for science.

Dalton Derie, Kayt Godfrey, and Hannah Allen

Students are way too stressed, way too often. It is commonly because of the overly packed schedules. People will waste their times on things that aren’t as important as some other things.

Students commonly follow the same type of schedule. They wake up at around 7 in the morning and then come to school around 8. After 8 dreadful hours of school, they will go home and just waste their time. One student, claims that when she gets home she spends the rest of her night,”Watching Netflix.”

We find that even though students want to spend their time more wisely, they struggle to do so because they do not know how.

There are many different techniques to fix your old habits. People in 2018 can barely go 5 minutes without looking at their phones. Studies show that Americans look at their phones about 300 times a day. There is an app called “Forest” that will help you break your phone addiction. How the app works is you set a timer for yourself and the app will not let you be distracted by those pesky apps. You are still able to see the notifications and are able to use your phone if it is an emergency. If you are able to complete the time, you get a tree for your forest and coins to unlock new types of trees. Timers range from 20-120 minutes.

As someone who uses Forest, I am here to tell you that it has helped immensely and I have less of an attachment to my phone. It has also helped me create healthier studying habits.

That is just one of the thousand ways to break your old habits. There are many other apps and other systems that you can use that don’t require a cell phone.

Vikas Rana, an expert on helping people fix their schedules, wrote an article that gave viewers 7 tips about fixing your schedule. A few of the most helpful ones are do not procrastinate, try not to multitask, and avoid distractions as much as possible. It is way easier to complete tasks even if you just follow those three steps. By just doing those three things, you can clean up your daily life and feel less stressed.

We encourage you to try and stick to a strict schedule. If you do the same thing each week, eventually it will just come naturally to you. Studies show that it can take as little as 2 months before your routine just comes naturally to you.

Some students do not feel like they have enough time in the day to do all the things that they would like to. One student, in particular, Jaylee Crum, talks about her busy schedule. “I don’t feel like I have a lot of self-time,” she said. She finds herself getting stressed out a lot of the time because she doesn’t know how to balance her time.

Students sometimes need a push in the right direction and we find that to be especially common with this subject.