Football going out with a bang

Wins all across the board from football.


Jordan Iverson, Reporter

This week held the last of the games for football. Highland football finished the season strong though. Freshman football had a great last game against Rigby High school, finishing with a score of 55-47. Freshman, safety, Steven Rone had some great words to say about his team and their last game. He stated that this was the, “best game”, they had played on defense, and they made a, “huge comeback.” He also had some very good words to say about his team and their improvement.” We’ve made so much improvement since the beginning of the year and we have changed as a team”, he stated. Junior Varsity had a successful last game as well. They won their game against Rigby, with a solid 45-14. JV, running back, Logan Brizzee, spoke about how he was, ” proud and happy”, with his team this year. He thought they played very well this year, and he was glad about winning the majority of the games. varsity also went up against Rigby and won their game with a outstanding score of 41-22.